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An Increased Chance of Death?

A Betrayal of Trust, A Lost Chance

When you begin to feel that something is not quite right with your health, you trust your instincts and turn to a medical professional for help. People believe their doctors when they say nothing is wrong or offer up a simple solution. Confident that they have taken the necessary precautions, patients move on trusting that everything will be okay.

Then months or years later the news hits your family like a storm that nobody saw coming: that symptom you thought you had left behind has reemerged with a terrible explanation. Your doctor failed to diagnose a treatable cancer, and now that devastating disease has an advantage over a diminishing list of medical treatment options. You have lost precious time in a battle you must win. Your trust has been betrayed.

You had the courage to investigate whether something was wrong, and your suspicions were dismissed, downplayed or overlooked because of negligence, incompetence or outright professional arrogance. No one expects doctors to be perfect or to have all the answers, but when they fail to meet even basic professional standards of care, they must be held accountable by the people who invested trust in them.

Fortunately, New York, 24 other states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico recognize diminished chances for survival and the lost opportunities they represent as legal harm that entitles the victim of delayed diagnosis to compensation.

Did a Delayed Diagnosis Increase My Chance of Death?

At Powers & Santola, we are dedicated to providing excellent legal representation to people who have been harmed by a needlessly delayed diagnosis of cancer. Excellence means more than knowledge and talent. It means resources and a commitment to fundamentally changing the lives of our clients and their families for the better.

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